Some Things Never Change

The murder of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic games was one of the most infuriating terrorist acts in modern history. But that isn’t how it is recalled by most Palestinians; rather, it is remembered fondly:

As the world marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Palestinian Authority made note to praise the efforts of the Black September terrorists who murdered nine Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich in 1972….

In a video shared by Fatah on the anniversary of the death of Black September commander Ali Hassan Salameh, the terrorist attack was classified as “a quality operation.”

January 22 was the anniversary of Salameh’s death–that is, the day when Mossad operatives caught up with him and wreaked vengeance for the Munich massacre. And Fatah, we are told, is the voice of “moderate” Palestinians.

“Salameh left a life story that turned him into a symbol of extraordinary ‎security activity,” Fatah said. “[This] was continued and is still being continued by his ‎students and those who love him, who view him as a beacon guiding ‎them on the path to liberation and return.”

This is why history has left the Palestinians behind. Their support for terrorism has led to revulsion around the world, including most of the rest of the Arab world. And yet the Palestinians’ dedication to violence goes on, generation after generation, in part, at least, because hate is assiduously taught in their schools. It should be a warning to us, as our own schools increasingly preach hatred of America: what we teach our children matters.