Podcast: The 3WHH, on Elites Vs. Consent of the Governed

Well, we had planned to continue our tutorial on the natural law basis for genuine constitutional originalism, but we two professors reverted to form and didn’t prepare! And we’ve got standards, so we’re not going to fake it. Instead, we got distracted by the news of the week, including FranceFrance!—deploring the wokeness of American university culture and calling it a threat to French culture. Can it really be after all this time we actually might want France to invade America again?

And is there some kind of trial going on in Washington? We keep hearing rumors and whispers, but what’s really going on? We settle on the conclusion that the current impeachment is a perfect example of what Dan Boorstin called a “pseudo-event.”

And can it really be true that Ibram Kendi is a transphobic bigot? Apparently so, but it doesn’t matter, because, as we explain, 25 years from now now one will remember Kendi anyway.

Finally, what would you get if Michael Anton had a lobotomy? You’d get Molly Ball’s article in Time magazine on the “conspiracy” (her term) to secure the election for Joe Biden. This ought to be more startling than it is. It means our elites have decided they can run over the core American principle of government by consent of the governed.

Finally, responding to a letter from a reader, we walk through some of the worst Hollywood film remakes, and experiment with some new exit lines. (Hint: we’re going to “circle back” to them next week.)

Here you go, here ✅, or there.