Loose Ends (130)

Today is every Progressive’s favorite day of the year—they make us literally set the clock forward an hour into the future, this bringing us closer to the destination of the “side of history.” I prefer to think of it as taking away one hour of the Biden presidency, and in any case, we’ll get our revenge in the fall when we conservatives get literally to set the clock back. But since time itself is an oppressive construct of Western patriarchy and white supremacy, why don’t we just skip the bi-annual charade and abolish clocks altogether? (Paging Dr. Heidegger!)

Veteran reporter Peter Baker is taking flak from the left today on Twitter for writing an article noting that President Biden still hasn’t held a press conference, and wondering why that is:

At this point in office, Trump had given five news conferences. Obama had given two, George W. Bush three and Clinton five.

Baker’s piece gingerly steps around the obvious question—is Biden up to it, or is his capacity so diminished that his staff (and Nurse-Doctor Jill) are keeping him from appearing in any unscripted and uncontrolled situation.

The left isn’t taking this well, and their defenses of Biden are pretty hilarious. This may be one of my favorite Tweets:

Biden “isn’t a narcissist”? Maybe he isn’t as flamboyant in his narcissism as Trump, Obama, or Bill Clinton, but c’mon, man! Biden has long had a reputation for full-blown logorrhea, and has always delighted in running his mouth more than anything else. Why the sudden reticence about speaking? Occam’s Razor suggests the answer, but given that he’s now reached the point where he needs to be kept away from all sharp objects, best not to get him in proximity with Occam’s Razor.

By the way, this closing detail in Baker’s piece is worth passing along:

The news conference king? That would be “Silent Cal” Coolidge, who gave an average of six per month during his 5½ years in office.