Podcast: The 3WHH—Where Meta-Malts Meet Metaphysics

This episode rolls out our new motto for the 3WHH format—”The podcast dedicated to meta-malts and metaphysics!” “Lucretia” isn’t so sure, but we’ll roll with that until we change to a sports-talk format, which will happen on the 4th of Never.

Anyway, after reviewing a surprisingly busy week in important whisky news, we introduce three new short regular segments: the Magic Numbers, “Circleback Mountain,”* and “What’s My Beef?” (Mine is the promiscuous overuse of “paradigm shift,” and Lucretia is spitting mad about the Dr. Seuss travesty.)

And finally we get to the week’s seminar, looking at a few key aspects of the thought of John C. Calhoun, and once again drawing the connections between his political philosophy and the contemporary left.

We recorded this episode in front of a live Zoom audience of about 100 listeners, who kept up a lively comment thread, and we did our best to field some questions and comments, though we didn’t get to all of them. For listeners who weren’t able to watch, it may make this episode a little extra gonzo in places. (And is Lucretia really “America’s sweetheart”? Some listeners think so. . .)

* What does Jen Psaki have in common with Jean Harlow? You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

As always, you know what to do now—listen right here, or pmake plike Psaki and pcircle pback to out phosts at Ricochet. (If only the Biden Administration was silent!)