Reminder: Live Podcast Event This Afternoon

Normally, “Lucretia” and I record our weekly Three Whisky Happy Hour with our dueling malts during happy hour times on Friday afternoon and post it up here Saturday to supplement your Week in Pictures viewing, but as previously announced, this week we’re recording today at 4 pm Pacific time (7 pm Eastern) instead so we can make it a live event via Zoom. As promised, we have a couple new features, a preview of our custom 3WHH swag, and we will be taking listener questions. If you’re not able to join in live, the episode will be up in regular podcast form tomorrow morning  (or maybe even later on tonight if Lucretia doesn’t drink me under the table).

One again, use this link to join in (the log in window will ask for your name and email, and that’s it). Needless to say, if you want to join in the libations, it’s BYOB.

But if you really can’t wait that long to get your podcast fix on, I guest-hosted the Ricochet podcast again yesterday, where the special guests were Lawrence Fox, the British actor who has founded the new Reclaim Party to champion free speech and fight back against the same scourge of political correctness we have here, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, to update the COVID scene. And as usual the Ricochet folks do some fun custom artwork for the episode (below). (Memo: We’re planning on some custom photos of our own starting next month.)

And so as I always say, listen right here, or download the episode from the source.