The Geek in Pictures: Bulldog Edition

Old ink-stained wretches from the newspaper trade (as I once was) will recall that the “bulldog edition” is the name for the early afternoon or evening edition with the latest breaking news. Because so many charts and graphs are piling up already I thought I’d do my own special “bulldog edition” with a few timely charts, and save the bulk for later in the week.

Let’s start with the leftist claim that Republicans have a “war on science,” and notice which party in this chart has the best grasp of the scientific facts about COVID risk:

Remember the next time you hear a leftist say “follow the science” that what they really mean is “bow to all leftist authoritarian claims.”

Next up, have you added some lbs during COVID? Looks like you have plenty of company:

That’s because too many people went this way during quarantine:

And did this, too:

That’s okay—a few extra pounds is something Communism will solve quickly!

Tradeoffs—let’s see how this comes back to bite us in the fullness of time:

And how badly have kids been set back? This badly: