The Week in Pictures: Peak Stupidity Edition

So this is the week we learned that New York women aren’t into Cuomosexuality. And I was sure on Monday that this story would supply our theme for the week’s picture gallery. I underestimated the potentiality of Dr. Seuss. I didn’t think you could get lower than neutering Mr. Potato Head into Zir. Potatx. Stand by: I predict Peanuts will be up for cancellation next week. Written by a guy named Schultz—the most famous Nazi prison camp guard name ever. And don’t even get started on mis-gendering Peppermint Patty. Meanwhile, did you notice that we got an upgrade from Prez. Biden this week, from “Deplorable” to “Neanderthal.” If we try really hard, we can make “cave man” by the end of the month!

The Babylon Bee, naturally:

Another racist teacher.

Headlines of the week:

This apparently is authentic. And totally awesome.

Talk about a happy place! (Must be in Texas.)

Now, for me, this would be about the new DJI drone. (Which I have in fact ordered.)

And finally. . .

(This is total NM bait. You know who you are out there!)