The year of living inquisitively

As a result of its settlement of my lawsuit against the Commissioner of Health and its chief press flack, the Minnesota Department of Health is legally obligated to answer three written questions a week from me. This week I reiterated one question they comically pretended to answer last week (in part 156 of my endless series). It is a question that the press inside the MDH circle of love has somehow omitted to ask. Here is the form in which I submitted it this morning:

In my questions submitted February 21 I asked you what criteria or benchmarks would suggest to the Department of Health that the “emergency” under which Governor Walz continues one-man rule is over. You reformulated my question and referred me to Governor Walz’s letters to Legislative Leaders dated January 7 and 21 earlier this year. Let me try one more time. This isn’t a trick question. Have you formulated any criteria or benchmarks that would aid Minnesotans seeking to understand if and when the public health “emergency” presented by Covid-19 has ended? If so, what are they? If not, please let me know that.

I want to add this question as my contribution to the recent reflections of John Hinderaker, Paul Mirengoff, and Ammo Grrrll on the past year of the Chicom virus.