Biden and Xi Think the Constitution Is Racist

Yesterday an intrepid reporter asked the insufferable Jen Psaki about U.N. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s assertion that America’s founding documents are white supremacist. Doesn’t that echo Chinese Communist propaganda, as in the recent diplomatic debacle in Anchorage? Does Joe Biden intend to fire Thomas-Greenfield? And, the most salient question: does Biden share her contempt for America’s founding documents, i.e., the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence? It takes some doing, but the answer to that last question is Yes:

I found it revealing that Psaki’s first words were to the effect that Thomas-Greenfield is a black woman. So how can anyone disagree with or criticize her? Hey, Jen: Candace Owens is a black woman, too. Somehow I don’t think your reverence for that combination runs as deep as you suggest.

The dominant elements of our political class hate our country. And our schools are run by people who hate our country–the public schools, and even more so, the “elite” private ones. Also, it seems, most of our major corporations, which are, after all, global. Has any country ever survived such an onslaught from within? I doubt it.