From the bizarre Twin Cities hellworld (2)

On a vote of 11-1, the Minneapolis City Clowncil — as our friends at Justice & Drew call it — has passed a non-binding resolution asking metro law enforcement to go into a defensive crouch against demonstrators and rioters. Here is the just released response from Minneapolis Police Department Chief Arradondo:

MPD Sworn I want to thank you for your continued professionalism and service during these dynamic and challenging times.

Earlier today the Minneapolis City Council passed a resolution asking state and local leaders to stop using tear gas, rubber bullets and other less-lethal tools. I want to be very clear. The MPD WILL continue to utilize less-lethal tools including gas munitions judiciously, safely and reasonably to keep our officers and community safe.

The actions by some on the City Council this morning [are] both unhelpful and uninformed. I have the utmost confidence and trust in our MPD leaders who are out there with their teams during ongoing demonstrations and protests. We encourage and support 1st Amendment free speech and peaceful assembly. However when Individuals or groups engage in unlawful activity we are sworn to keep the public safe and protect property. Less lethal tools will be assessed and utilized by the MPD when necessary.

I hope my message clarifies my position on this matter moving forward.

I thank you and support you and your families in your service.

My best

Medaria Arradondo
Minneapolis Police Department

I will oversimplify slightly to observe that there is a split in the DFL between its ludicrous and its psychotic wings. The ludicrous characters among the upper reaches of the DFL are mostly exercising their right to remain silent in deference to their insanely opportunistic and performative colleagues.