Our garbage media at work

The Washington Free Beacon has compiled a supercuts video displaying the judgments of prominent media gasbags on the speeches of President Joe Biden and Senator Tim Scott this past Wednesday evening. The Free Beacon provides this brief introduction:

The media’s adulation of President Biden was in full display after his first joint address to Congress Wednesday night. MSNBC’s Brian Williams drew attention multiple times to the president’s “extraordinary use of voice modulation.” CNN’s David Axelrod equated the speech to President Roosevelt’s fireside chats.

In a sharp pivot from the reviews of Biden’s speech, the response to Republican senator Tim Scott’s (S.C.) rebuttal was less than glowing. MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace said it was a “speech delivered from a planet where facts don’t matter,” and Joy Reid called it “disappointing” and said she was “shocked and a bit embarrassed” for Scott.

The video only runs a little over a minute. If you are familiar with the speeches and can view the video with detachment, you may find it funny.