Podcast: The 3WHH, Featuring Glen Livet and Glenn Ellmers

Glenn Ellmers

We’re posting our weekly episode—which turns out to be Power Line’s 250th podcast!—a day early, as we had a special guest which dictated a slight twist on the usual format: Lucretia and I put aside our Glen Livet in favor of talking with Glenn Ellmers.

Glenn is a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute, research fellow at Hillsdale College, author of a forthcoming biography of Harry Jaffa entitled The Soul of Politics (get in your pre-order now), and author of several recent articles at The American Mind on the state of the conservative movement today that are raising eyebrows and blood-pressure counts.

The most controversial recent piece is “‘Conservatism’ Is No Longer Enough.” It throws down a basic challenge about whether there is much left to “conserve” in American institutions and culture right now without a serious counter-revolutionary effort. It drew the attention of Tucker Carlson earlier this week: you can see a short preview for the episode here. Our conversation ranges  widely over what prudence demands, and whether conservatives ought to support an Article V constitutional convention to discuss formal secession or other changes to restore constitutional government. Conservatives have always feared an Article V effort might lead to a “runaway convention,” but at this point a runaway convention might be the best case scenario.

As whisky drinkers know, the apex of Glen Livet is their “Founders Reserve” bottlings; you might say the apex here is “Glenn Ellmers Preserving Founders.” And then for the last few minutes Lucretia and get back to our whiskies, preview a couple new ones, review the latest Ashli Babbit magic number, and celebrate that Berkeley is finally going to hire a professor of cannabis research after all these years.

You know what to do now—listen here, or slum it with our hosts at Ricochet (and by the way, how can they persist in using such violent, gun-related imagery like ricochet?)

P.S. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Week in Pictures. It’s especially epic.