Poll finds Trump’s hold on Republicans strong but weakening

A new NBC poll finds (at page 19) that 50 percent of Republicans say they consider themselves mainly supporters of the GOP, while 44 percent say them consider themselves mainly supporters of Donald Trump. That’s an extraordinarily high number for Trump, to be sure.

However, as Rich Lowry notes, it represents a decline. In January, respondents split evenly, 46-46. In October, it was 54 for Trump and only 38 for the GOP.

I hope the trend continues. After all, whatever might be the case in 2024, Trump will not be on the ballot in 2022. The Republican party will be.

If the GOP is to regain control of the Senate and the House, it will be helpful, and perhaps imperative, that Republicans identify with their party strongly, and to a greater extent than they identify with an individual who has an agenda of his own. In January, we saw in Georgia what can happen when a great many Republicans don’t feel that way.