Unions Evict National Guard

Minnesota’s National Guard has done an admirable job of containing riots in Brooklyn Center and the surrounding area, to prevent an orgy of violence, looting and arson such as characterized the George Floyd riots last year. But many on the Left are unhappy that violence has been forestalled. Construction union workers gave National Guardsmen a key to the St. Paul Labor Center so they would have a place to stage. What followed was a disgrace:

[I]nstead of showing their appreciation for the citizen soldiers whose lives have been upended to protect against a replay of last summer’s riots, a contingent of organized labor activists accused the assembled national guard troops of “repressing protests” and expelled them from the labor center in “a critical demonstration of solidarity between labor and the fight against police brutality.”

On the Left Voice website, labor activist Cliff Willmeng said several others joined him in breaking the citywide curfew to confront the national guard troops at the labor meeting center.

Rank and file union members, community activists, and various union staff members assembled at the Labor Center Wednesday night and found more than 15 armored vehicles, and 50 National Guard troops had been given the keys to the central union facility. Workers from CWA, MNA, UBC and other locals informed the soldiers that union members support the communities harmed by police violence and racism and that the Labor Center was off limits to armed forces participating in repressing protests across the Twin Cities.

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

The National Guard then rolled out of the Labor Center on Wednesday evening, to chants of “Don’t come back!” and “Whose house? Our house!” and “Na-na-na-na, goodbye!” shouted by a dozen or more labor advocates.

To get the full impact of the fanaticism demonstrated by these purported labor activists, check out this video by the left-winger linked to above:

Disgusting. Also appallingly stupid.