Big Tech as Big Brother

To follow up on Scott’s post below, let’s remember that Facebook censored all talk about the Wuhan coronavirus originating in a Chinese lab. There was always legitimate reason to believe that the virus might have originated there. But only now that the evidence establishes a strong likelihood of this will Facebook finally permit the matter to be discussed on its platform.

It’s sickening that Facebook wouldn’t permit discussion of a legitimate and important question. It’s all the more disgusting that Facebook’s censorship was in service of the totalitarian rulers of China.

The notion that it was racist to consider whether the virus originated in a Chinese lab, as opposed to a Chinese market, is laughable. It’s China, either way.

The difference is that in one scenario it’s Chinese merchants (I guess) and in the other it’s the Chinese government (though not acting with the intent of creating a pandemic).

So Facebook wasn’t protecting the Chinese people or the racial group to which they belong. Facebook was protecting the Chinese government.

Readers can decide for themselves why Facebook would act to protect that regime.

I’ve never participated in Facebook. Friends and family members who do seem to find it worthwhile.

But people with a decent regard for free speech and an understanding of what China is all about might ask themselves whether the personal enjoyment they may derive from Facebook is sufficient reason to remain associated with it.