CRB: Girls will be boys

We continue our preview of the new (Spring) issue of the Claremont Review Books with Mary Eberstadt’s review/essay “Girls will be boys.” Subhead: “The trans-kid craze must be stopped.”

The left’s war on nature has manifested and taken root in the transgender movement with astonishing speed and success. Eberstadt takes up the new books by Abigail Shrier and Debra Soh that challenge it in its trans kids aspect (“specifically, minor girls who want to be boys”). Eberstadt compares the transgender/trans kids mania to the QAnon cult and lands here:

Someday, the self-dealing authorities who stoke the trans-kid craze will answer for it—the corrupt doctors and politicos, the rubber-stamping “gender theorists,” the online voyeurs, the merchants, including Planned Parenthood, who make a buck off this pathos.

Meanwhile, fellow citizens can step up. If destroying the reproductive organs of healthy adolescents isn’t objectionable, not much is. Social conservatives are doing their part to protect against the trans-kid craze. Now others can help, too. May the individual Ls, Gs, Bs, and adult Ts who want no part of this experiment repudiate the claim that they endorse it. May the landmark Keira Bell lawsuit in the United Kingdom—which resulted in prohibiting kids from access to puberty blockers without court approval—be the first of many.

Now that we have [Shrier’s] Irreversible Damage and [Soh’s] The End of Gender, it’s past time to stand up for the obvious.

Read the whole thing here.