Is Brett Kavanaugh out for revenge? [With Comment by John]

That’s the title of this article in the Atlantic by McKay Coppins. If Kavanaugh is out for revenge, it would be understandable given the way Democrats and others on the left treated him. It would be even more understandable if Kavanaugh reads Coppins’ insulting, condescending attempt to psychoanalyze him.

I recommend skipping the first part of the article — the stuff about “young Kavanaugh” and “suburban Kavanaugh.” However, I think the part about Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court is worth reading.

And I agree with Coppins’ conclusions that (1) Kavanaugh is not out for revenge and (2) he is more likely to follow the path of Chief Justice Roberts than to join the strong conservative bloc or (worst case) to fall into the orbit of Justice Kagan who, according to Coppins, has been wooing him.

I base the second of these beliefs not on psychology, as Coppins seems to, but rather on the view that the Roberts path is more in line with Kavanaugh’s philosophy and temperament than the other two courses.

Like all of the other Justices, Kavanaugh deserves to be viewed as his own person. It would be unfortunate if his treatment by Democrats and the left causes us to think of him as less than that.

JOHN adds: If I had been treated by Democrats the way Brett Kavanaugh was, I would screw them every time I could. But he no doubt is a better man than I. Unfortunately.