Photo of the Year

I’m sure most readers have seen this stunning photo from Israel from a few nights back, showing a Hamas rocket attack that was likely attempting to overwhelm Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system.

The early reports on this photo didn’t make clear which was which; I assumed (correctly it turns out) that the missiles on the right are the Hamas rockets, and the unusual swirl pattern of the launches on the left are the Iron Dome interceptors. I have no technical expertise in the domain of missile defense, but the spatial pattern of the Iron Dome is probably explained as the complex targeting acquisition function of the system. It seems not too much of a stretch to see this as 21st century rocket technology meeting 20th century rocket technology. I read that Iron Dome succeeds in intercepting up to 90 percent of the missiles Hamas launches.

Here’s another picture equally stunning:

Chaser—Apropos Scott’s item earlier today on AP, this meme really can’t wait for next Saturday:

This one, too: