Regarding Liz Cheney, another take

Liz Cheney is about to be removed from her post in the GOP House leadership. Some conservatives are quite unhappy about this and some liberals pretend to be.

Our friend Jim Dueholm, once a law partner of John and Scott, disagrees. He offers this opinion:

I’ve long admired the Cheneys, father and daughter. Liz, like her father, is whip-smart, a reliable conservative, a sure Republican vote in the House, but she’s worn out her welcome in House caucus leadership.

Her conduct in the second Trump impeachment fight was infuriating. She attacked the president viciously, charging him with summoning a mob and sending it into battle, ignoring all evidence to the contrary, and without for a moment considering whether it was constitutional to hand a pink slip to a person who had already received one from the American voters.

And she’s not even consistent in her position. She supports a commission to look into the events of January 6. If she’s so sure the president incited a riot, sure enough to vote to impeach a goner, why does she need a commission to determine whether the president incited a riot? Her impeachment vote was anti-Trump spite, and nothing more.

And she’s needlessly kept it up. She responds to every Trump tweet and uses the editorial pages of the Washington Post to attack Mr. Trump and his followers.

She doesn’t need to do this. She can, and should, keep her head down and go about the business of the number three Republican in the House. Her job is to quiet troubled waters, not roil them again and again.

Wyoming will send a Republican to Congress after the 2022 election, and Republican primary voters will decide whether that’s Liz Cheney or someone else. But for Republican House leadership, it’s time for her to go.

My take on this dispute, which is mostly consistent with Jim’s, can be found here.