The Geek in Pictures: Graphology Unbound [With Comment by John]

 ZachGoldberg strikes again: You may want to embiggen this first chart (clicking on it should work), and notice in the first panel on the left how white liberal sympathy for Israel has plummeted in the last few years.

The left likes to claim that Israel is engaged in “genocide” against the Palestinians. Some genocide:

More evidence (from Zach Goldberg again) that white male liberals are indeed girly-men:

Mark Perry is staying after the gender balance scene:

Not sure what to make of these gender gaps, but . . . house cat?

Liberals hate it when you claim they don’t really like America, but here’s the data from a credible liberal source—note even German and French leftists are more proud of their countries than American and British liberals are of their own:

Repeat after Jen Psaki: There is no crisis (or “surge”—now banned at AP) at the border. Remember, many of the people crossing in 2019 were apprehended and sent back. Now?

Let’s do some climate and energy graphics. Did you know that March was the coldest in seven years?


So—about renewables. Guess which country dominates the production of renewable components? Yup:

• Remember the old Woody Allen line (I think) about looking for a framework to turn a concept into an idea? We’ll environmentalists have learned from their past failures at predictions, forecasts, and projections to go with “scenarios” instead, because they are easier to disavow when they inevitably turn out to be wrong (click to embiggen):

Which way is this “scenario” going to go with more windmills?

But yeah—let’s build more windmills and “high speed” failrail:

What could go wrong?

How much trouble is Gavin Newsom in? Depends which survey you consult, or maybe how the “non-binary” vote breaks:

Arizona is doing something right:

And finally. . .


JOHN adds: I always love these Geek In Pictures posts, and this one has lots of fascinating data. I just want to comment on the survey re: what animals could you defeat in a fight? I have several observations:

1) Anyone who thinks he will beat a grizzly, lion, elephant, gorilla or crocodile is an idiot. I am just back from a week of vacation in South Carolina, in the course of which I encountered six alligators (to be fair, several were small). Still, my survival strategy was never predicated on out-wrestling them or pulling them into the water where I could drown them.

2) A normal man should be the favorite against a wolf or chimpanzee. Of course, if there are a lot of wolves that could be different. But I want to comment on the kangaroo. A few years ago, while in Australia, I was attacked by a large male kangaroo. He was a little taller than I am, but more important, he was lighting fast with a kick to the groin. He took me completely by surprise. I think I may have beaten him in a fight, eventually, but it would have been a close-run thing.

3) Anyone who thinks he can fight a king cobra is nuts. Run away.

4) Dogs and eagles? Please. If you can’t beat one of these, you should turn in your man card.

5) Geese, house cats and rats. To be fair, geese are tough for their size. I respect them greatly. But in a fight? If you are not the favorite over a goose, you are in trouble. And house cats? Sure, they might outrun you, but…how exactly would you lose to them? And as for rats, if a rat can get the better of you, you are a liberal. Or worse.