Bombshell Upon Bombshell

Some conservative commentators are hailing alleged “bombshells” in the just-released emails of Anthony Fauci. I have seen nothing–yet–in those emails that even remotely merits that characterization. But this does: a very long article in Vanity Fair by investigative reporter Katherine Eban, titled “The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins.” This is how Eban promoted her article on Twitter:

Eban’s findings are stunning. She documents what can only be called a conspiracy within the U.S. government to suppress information about the origins of the covid virus. I am still working my way through her article–it is very long–but she seems to have the goods.

One warning–Eban engages at various points in ritual denunciations of Donald Trump, without which I suppose you can’t get an article published in Vanity Fair. But these have little or nothing to do with the story she relates–in fact, the bottom line is that Trump was right, but he didn’t know the half of it–and can easily be ignored.