How Low Can Hollywood Sink?

I think it is Glenn Reynolds who came up with the observation that the demand for racism exceeds the supply, which explains the proliferation of Jussie Smollett-style racism hoaxes.

And Hollywood is happy to do its part to reinforce this narrative. The Daily Wire reports that the CW network has greenlit a series based on Jane Austen novels that will:

update a number of Jane Austen classics for the “modern” viewer, is reportedly in production at the CW network, to air over the next several years. The series, which appears to be taking a “woke” approach to the classic author’s works, is “expected to adapt a different novel with the first season adapting Pride and Prejudice and taking place in San Francisco,” and will offer a “a kaleidoscopic look at love and family in our time of inequality,” according to Bounding Into Comics. . .   Austen, the Daily Wire reported earlier this year, is currently undergoing a “BLM-inspired ‘historical interrogation’ over her family’s links to the slave trade, and over her love of tea — a beverage that came to the United Kingdom courtesy of British colonial efforts in India.

It was bad enough when the feminists went after Austen a couple decades back, reinterpreting her works through the lens of “patriarchal oppression and heteronormativity” (yes, there are actual bipeds among us who talk this way). But now we have to get Austen as understood by CRT.

But this is minor league compared to a new movie called “Karen” that will apparently run on BET whose story line is “A racist, entitled white woman in the South terrorizes her new Black neighbors.” When I saw this trailer for the movie I thought it was some kind of parody of how the left thinks about the whole matter, but no! It’s real! See it if you can stand it:

The movie is ironically correct in one way: this is how the left understand racial matters right now. And yet, Census data show that northern blacks are moving back to the South in large numbers. Why is that? Perhaps because they are better off in these Republican states than in northern states run by Democrats? I shared this chart, produced incidentally by a left-wing academic outfit, last week about integration (showing Alabama and Mississippi comparing very favorable to the northeast), and it suggests that if the South were even 1/100th as bigoted as “Karen” assumes, we wouldn’t see this.

P.S. It seems this trailer is even too much for USA Today, which wrote: “A new film trailer has many Twitter users wanting to speak with Hollywood’s manager.”