O say can you see?

I missed the moving rendition of the National Anthem by Nicole Raviv with an inspirational assist from the crowd before the Islanders’ June 9 Stanley Cup playoff game against the Bruins (video below). If the Minnesota Wild had been able to make it out of the first round, I might have kept up with the playoffs and caught it at the time.

The Wild’s elimination in the first round is traditional, when they make it, like the Twins’ elimination from the MLB post-season by the Yankees. We don’t have to worry about that this year, even if we’re still following the Twins with their continuing sanctification of George Floyd. They’ll be lucky to stay out of their division cellar.

The late Twins announcer Bob Casey had a funny way of announcing there was “no smoking in the Metrodome.” Here the fans seem to be making their own announcement. There is no trashing of the United States in the Coliseum.

I caught up with the video thanks to the interesting Jewish Insider profile of Raviv: “Islanders national anthem singer Nicole Raviv bridges nationalities and musical genres.” Even if you’ve seen it before, the video bears repetition. It is beautiful. And the Islanders-Tampa Bay semi-final series continues with a decisive game 7 tomorrow night.