COVID Spreading in the White House

Jen Psaki admitted today that there are more previously-undisclosed covid cases in the White House:

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary on Tuesday confirmed that there have been breakthrough COVID-19 cases among vaccinated White House staffers that had not previously been made public.

Psaki told reporters yes, “There have been….”
Without providing numbers of new cases within the staff, Psaki said the White House is, “actively monitoring the health of our campus in the larger community in collaboration with public health and medical experts.”

These are stated to be “breakthrough” cases affecting fully-vaccinated people. I don’t doubt that the staffers in question were vaccinated, but I suspect these are among the countless false positives that result from ridiculously over-sensitive tests. The government has preferred such tests because false positives contributed to covid hysteria, and now it has to live with the consequences.

I don’t care about this story, except that it comes at the same time the administration is colluding with social media giants to suppress “misinformation” about covid and, especially, covid vaccines. The “misinformation” is generally to the effect that the vaccines are relatively untested, may not be fully effective, and may turn out to have harmful side effects. On the other hand, we have a lot of experience with covid, and it is known to be essentially harmless to virtually all who are not very old, very sick, or very obese. So why get vaccinated?

To the extent that a number of vaccinated White House staffers have tested positive for covid, it obviously reinforces the anti-vaxxers’ arguments. Perhaps that is why the White House has been slow to disclose those infections. But the bottom line is that the federal government has no business trying to shut down ongoing public discussion about covid and the desirability of covid vaccines.