The Geek in Pictures: Omnibus Roundup Edition

Time for another periodic data dump, though a bit of a themeless pudding this week. Let’s start with the explosion of public debt. I’m sure it means nothing.

Meanwhile, the price of coal is soaring. Gee, I wonder why this is happening?

Hmmm. . . why is housing getting so expensive everywhere?

Idea: stop paying people not to work.

Capitalists are doing their part:

Evidence of how corporate tax cuts result in repatriating foreign corporate profits:

Gee: I wonder why these time series end at 2019:

Because if you just go another 18 months, and have a look at Minneapolis. . .

Breaking news from 1969: college faculty political party ratios (Dems:GOP) by discipline:

Patriarchy: smashed.

Show your work, you say:

And finally. . .