Tucker: They planned to leak my emails

Tucker Carlson opened his show last night with a monologue commenting on Jonathan Swan’s Axios story on the NSA interception of his email (video below). He didn’t mention Swan by name, but it’s clearly his story he was talking about. I excerpted Swan’s story in “And now, the Putin factor.”

Tucker’s monologue confirmed the accuracy of Swan’s account as far as it bears on his side of the story. Late last night the New York Post noted “Tucker Carlson claims he was ‘unmasked’ by NSA for seeking Putin interview.” In connection with the issue of unmasking there should be more to come.

NR’s David Harsanyi commented on Swan’s story last night in “Was Tucker Carlson Spied On?” At the Federalist, Jordan Davidson takes up the theme I would have pursued if she hadn’t in “Check Out All The Blue Check Morons Who Swore The Corrupt Intel Community Would Never Spy On Tucker Carlson.”

As I wrote yesterday afternoon, this is just what the story needed: Russia! Russia! Russia!