Animatronic Joe Biden, Disney style

The big news out of Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the reopening of the Hall of Presidents after a long hiatus. The reopening featured the debut of animatronic Joe Biden. Walt Disney World News Today reported the story along with several photos and the video below (h/t Loree Hinderaker).

In the Hall of Presidents lineup animatronic Joe stares ahead vacantly in a slightly more lifelike fashion than the character who struggles daily to read the scripts running through his teleprompter in the East Room of the White House.

The Hall of Presidents’ animatronic Joe is positioned in front of Andrew Johnson. The two enjoy a deep kinship as monumentally awful presidents. Although Biden in his dotage frequently slurs his speech, Johnson only gave one speech drunk. As with Johnson, however, so with Biden: “[H]e quickly proved he could do damage sober.”