Minneapolis Crime Update

We have chronicled Minneapolis’s descent into lawlessness over the past year. The nightmare continues, and is the cover story in the current issue of Thinking Minnesota, which is now hitting mailboxes. Here are a couple of lowlights from this weekend.

First, former Minneapolis City Council member Don Samuels records his own observations from last night:

This video, shot around the same time, climaxes with two women driving a car into a group of pedestrians. But it is most notable for what it shows about the breakdown of civilized norms in Minneapolis:

It is hard to see any prospect of improvement. A local judge has ordered the City to hire more police officers over the next year to comply with the requirements of its own city charter, but that won’t happen overnight. Meanwhile, the City Council is pushing a measure to delete that law enforcement requirement at the next election. A year ago, one would have thought that Mayor Jacob Frey had no political future, following his abysmal failure to contain the George Floyd riots. Now it appears that he is likely to be re-elected, which may be just as well, since as far as I can tell he is being challenged only from the left.

These are sad times in Minnesota’s largest city.