Fauci Fumbles Natural Immunity

Joe Biden’s unconstitutional order mandating vaccinations and testing is irrational for several reasons, not least the fact that it fails to take into account natural immunity. A CNN reporter got around to gently asking Dr. Fauci about evidence that immunity acquired by those who have had covid provides at least equal protection to a vaccine.

This is no surprise, as many studies have documented the strength of natural immunity to covid, and, as Fauci obviously knows, the whole point of vaccination is to cause the body to mimic the impact of actually having the disease. Yet Fauci disingenuously acts as though natural immunity is a brand new and untested idea, and pleads ignorance:

This Israeli study is one of those that have found natural immunity to give better protection than vaccination. Fauci undoubtedly knows all about this, but he is covering for his party and his party’s leader, Joe Biden. What is unfortunate is that anyone still pays attention to this charlatan.