Happy Birthday To Me!

For those who may be unaware, today is my birthday. In honor of almost too many birthdays to count, my wife posted on Facebook, earlier today, a video that my youngest daughter and one of her colleagues created a year ago in connection with Center of the American Experiment’s Annual Dinner. They sneaked it into the program, much to my surprise. It features birthday greetings from family and various friends, including the PL crew, and a few notables. Just for fun, here it is:

Last year at this time I posted the full six-minute “happy birthday” video that Mark Steyn created, but was too long to include in its entirety. It is too entertaining not to share once again. There are only a handful of geniuses in the world today, and Mark is one of them:

This year’s birthday was memorable because my oldest daughter, who lives in Texas, has been expecting twin boys, due in late November. Last night we celebrated my birthday a day early with my other two daughters and a husband and boyfriend when, late at night, we got word that my oldest daughter’s blood pressure had spiked dangerously and she had been taken to the hospital for an emergency C-section.

The boys are small, one three pounds and one a little less, but the prognosis for them seems pretty good. My middle daughter got on an airplane this morning and flew to Austin to help out. If the twins had been delivered just ten minutes later, they would have shared my birthday. And who knows, one of them may have been named after me!

In the midst of the turmoil that is recorded in the news, life goes on.