Thanks, Kamala

Kamala Harris has blood on her hands. Not in connection with Afghanistan–I doubt that she has had any influence on events there–but as a result of her support for violent crime in Minnesota. In the wake of the George Floyd riots, Harris contributed to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and encouraged others to do so as well. She did so on the pretext that the Freedom Fund was bailing out “demonstrators” arrested in Minnesota, but of course no one was arrested for demonstrating. Those bailed out were arsonists, aggravated assaulters and other serious criminals.

Moreover, the Minnesota Freedom Fund didn’t restrict itself to bailing out those arrested in the summer of 2020. Rather, its efforts to inflict violent crime on Minnesotans have continued to the present day. Last Sunday, an innocent man was murdered by a criminal who had been charged with domestic assault but was sprung by Kamala Harris’s Minnesota Freedom Fund just days earlier:

Kamala Harris exemplifies the evils of contemporary liberalism very well. The problem isn’t that liberalism’s solutions have failed to achieve their purported goals; rather, the reality is that liberals are on the other side.