The Geek in Pictures: Peak Woke Edition?

These first few charts from the great Zach Goldberg are a couple years old, but it is worth aggregating them again to demonstrate how wokery broke out from the campus and took over the media. But could this be a woke bubble about to burst? Surveys show large majorities of Americans hate this business.

The economy continues to be weird.

Or in bar chart form:

Contrary indicator: if the “surprise index” is going down, expect a surprise:

No wonder Britain is turning its coal plants back on again:

Some climate stuff:

China: big argument over this chart, which shows that “GINI” inequality soared when the country first started growing (as I would expect), but then leveled off when growth really took off, which is also what I’d expect. But AOC-types are in a snit about this.


Gee, I wonder if this has something to do with government intervention in health care:

And finally. . .