The Weird Monday in Pictures: I Can’t Even Edition

I am resisting a daily picture gallery, even though I have the inventory for it. I don’t have the time for it, and in any case, I believe in the less-is-more theory, so I try to stay disciplined to just Saturday, with an occasional detour to charts and graphs.

But then you see Biden on 9/11, posing with a bunch of MAGA kids in what has to be an amazing failure of his advance team and on-the-spot minders:

Maybe Biden’s advance team hates him, or is in on the plan to ease him out of office in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, the sainted AOC shows up at a $30,000 per person charity benefit in New York in this attire:

You can’t make this up. If he wasn’t already dead, Tom Wolfe would have an embolism. As a reader pointed out, AOC has provided a meme-generator to end all meme generators, which means by Saturday. . .

PS: She was there too, apparently: