Kamala Back In the News

Kamala Harris is trending on Twitter. She welcomed a group of school children to the vice president’s residence, the Naval Observatory in Washington. Her affect is weird and inappropriate. She talks to the students as though they were four years old, which they are not. We are reminded that Harris, unlike nearly all significant political figures, does not have children.

First the videos. Be sure to watch all three, then some further comments:

What is striking about Kamala Harris is her lack of political talent. In that respect, she reminds me of Richard Nixon. Politics was a painful profession for Nixon; he had no knack for it. Nevertheless, he climbed to the political heights through sheer will power. Harris, like Nixon, is in the wrong business. In her case, her rise was due not to extraordinary will and effort, but to her illicit relationship with Willie Brown. Politics came too easily because her path was greased. Harris’s lack of talent didn’t stop her, and she never developed basic political skills. So we now have the spectacle of a vice president who has no idea how to entertain a group of school kids.