Live Podcast Tomorrow!

I’m a little late getting this notice up, but tomorrow (Friday) afternoon the great “Lucretia” and I will be taping our weekly Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast live on Zoom at 5:30 pm Pacific (8:30 pm Eastern; I have no idea what time this is in Australia—or even what day), open to all comers. I’ll post the Zoom link here middle of the afternoon tomorrow.

We’re still putting together our agenda, but among the items we’ll cover is how much Kamala Harris hates America (to paraphrase Monty Python about the Romans in Life of Brian, “A lot!”), along with a rehabilitation of Columbus, who the left keeps making a non-person every year. We’ll also have some news to report! And we’ll be taking your questions from the comment thread live as we go. If you’re not able to tune in at 5:30 but want to send along a question or comment and listen to the episode when it is posted on Saturday, send it to our comment line any time between now and 2 pm Pacific time tomorrow (or post them to the comment thread below this post).

P.S. Whisky not required to participate, but highly recommended.

Meanwhile, here’s Lucretia in her newest mode of conveyance: