Podcast: The 3WHH on What’s In the News Today, Oh Boy!

This week’s episode is sans-guests and sans-metaphysics, as Lucretia and I kick around the news of the week, which is a mix of the usual ominous portents from Washington, along with some evidence that Democrats are in free-fall with the public.

First up is a look at the egregious Department of Justice letter identifying parents protesting at local school board meetings as a threat to the regime (in an ironic way, the DoJ is right!), wondering just what the federal question under the law is, and noting how this step certifies the open contempt Washington has for local self-government (thank you for your candor Terry McAuliffe!). Then we look at the Ezra Klein NY Times article about Democratic data-maven David Shor, who is trying to warn Democrats that the public is swiftly turning against them. I offer some historical perspective to show how insane Democrats are in thinking they can govern the country as though they had the same kind of huge and durable majorities that FDR and LBJ had once upon a time.

And this leads into another of our friendly arguments about how to judge Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who I think has performed brilliantly in dividing House Democrats and showing that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are actually terrible political strategists, while Lucretia is naturally less enamored of this thesis. And forget Joe Manchin—what’s up with Kyrsten Sinema? She’s rapidly becoming our favorite Democrat senator (a low bar to clear, to be sure, but Sinema is starting to look . . . interesting).

And finally, a Lucretia shout out to Andrew Klavan’s new article in City Journal on what lies at the heart of our political divisions of the moment, and what is necessary to fix it.

Exit music this week is “What’s In the News” by MacMillan, Bell, and Alexander.

You know what to do now: listen here, or put down your newspaper or tablet and head over to our great virtual newsstand over at Ricochet.