Podcast: The Three (No) Whisky Happy Hour—Gonzo Beach Edition

Unfortunately we weren’t able to fix up the usual online recording session for this week’s Three Whisky Happy Hour, and attempted to assemble in person ahead of the Claremont Institute’s annual dinner at Huntington Beach, this year with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (who was terrific, by the way). But we were outside, with not enough time to get organized—and without any whisky!—and the result was a bit of a train wreck. But at least it’s short! (As I used to say when I still showed up for road races in my dotage, “I may be old and fat, but I’m slow! My strategy is to start off slow, and tail off from there.” Well we kind of live up to that here.)

Our irregular sidekick Richard Samuelson joined us, and then halfway through, Jeremy Carl wandered by, so we made him sit down and join us with no preparation. We tried to cover Last Week in Wokeness and a few other things, but I’m not sure we really got anywhere. But we got so many emails from disappointed listeners than we decided to throw up this episode (literally) and let you decide.

Yeah, some whisky would have made a difference.

You know what to do now: listen here, or wax up your surfboard and wander over to our surfshop at Ricochet.