A Menace in the Courtroom

The jury is out in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, but the verdict is in on one point: Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, the lead prosecutor, is a dope. Some would say that was already apparent from his performance in the case, but today, during his closing argument, he pointed an AR-15 into the crowded courtroom gallery with his finger on the trigger. Unbelievable:

Liberals on Twitter are saying it was OK for Binger to violate every known rule of firearm safety because he was told the gun was unloaded. Have they not heard about Alec Baldwin? The most basic rules of firearm safety are 1) you treat every gun as a loaded gun, 2) you never, ever point a gun at anyone you don’t intend to shoot, and 3) you don’t put your finger inside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot. Binger broke all of them.

Actually, the instinct against pointing a gun at another human being is so strong in a normal person that it would take a real effort of will to do it. But Binger apparently is oblivious to the most basic principles of safety. The world is a safer place with a gun in Kyle Rittenhouse’s hands than in Thomas Binger’s.