Live Podcast Taping Tomorrow!

For our podcast listeners, Lucretia and I decided to record this week’s episode of the Three Whisky Happy Hour tomorrow (Thursday) and do it live on Zoom to all comers at 5:30 Pacific time, 8:30 Eastern time, and 2:30 am Zulu time where Lucretia lives. We’ll post the Zoom link on a separate item here tomorrow afternoon, so check back after lunch. Normally we record every week on Friday evening, but as tomorrow is the Veterans Day holiday, Lucretia and I have the day off (though my campus is calling it just an “academic holiday” because veterans are icky people who kill their favorite enemies).

We’ll be joined by our historian sidekick and unofficial punmeister Richard Samuelson (who we suspect writes fake whisky reviews under the pseudonym Orson Wellesley), and I’m working on a surprise second guest.

We’re still working on our topic list, but we think we’ll spend some time on the Rittenhouse (mis)trial, the sudden crisis of confidence at the New York Times, infrastructure week (at last!), including Pete Buttigieg’s disgraceful (Robert) Moses act, a brand new 21st century Democratic Party Misery Index, and the strange reaction to the announcement of the University of Austin. And we’ll respond to your questions, comments, and insults.

Short notice, I know, but this should allow enough time to stock a whisky for the hour, and we might do a listener poll to help sort out once and for all the Islay-Highland feud Lucretia have been having for nearly 40 years now. And if you have to miss the taping, you’ll still able to listen the regular podcast sometime over the weekend.