Out-of-touch Dems keep fumbling

Is it any wonder that Democrats are fumbling their response to the jury verdict fully acquitting Kyle Rittenhouse? The Dems are fumbling a host of issues, especially those related to criminal law and justice.

Joe Biden initially reacted the right way to the Rittenhouse outcome. He said he stood by what the jury concluded.

That’s what normal politicians, and certainly normal presidents, say in this situation. Joe Biden used to be normal. Today, he must have forgotten that he no longer is.

But he, or someone at the White House, quickly remembered. Thus, Biden did an about-face and pronounced himself “angry and concerned” about the verdicts. (To be fair, I would have been angry and concerned if the jury had gone the other way, but doubt I would have said so if I were president.)

The chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also fumbled. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York declared that the Kenosha riots where Rittenhouse shot three people were “against the unjust killing of Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man.”

But Blake was neither unarmed nor killed. Maloney just said what he did because that’s the left’s narrative — cops unjustly kill unarmed Blacks.

DCCC spokesman Chris Hayden had to go on Twitter to correct his boss’ error. “Apologies,” Hayden lamely added.

Maloney still insists, though, that “people are right to be outraged” over the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial. Invoking another hack leftist talking point, he stated:

It is clear that our legal system has one set of rules for some Americans, and very different standards for others.

Maloney presented neither evidence nor argument in support of the view that a Black who acted as Rittenhouse did would have been convicted. I could just as easily declare it “clear” that such a Black wouldn’t even have been charged. But I would never do that because it’s not clear — just as it’s not clear, indeed it’s implausible given that the defendant and his victims were White — that the outcome of the Rittenhouse case had anything to do with the defendant’s race.

When Terry McAuliffe rejected the role of parents in helping guide public school education, commentators deemed it a gaffe, and in a sense it was. But it was also a window into the left’s out-of-touch dismissiveness of parents who object to schools indoctrinating their kids.

Biden’s second statement and Maloney’s first are also windows. They reveal, among other things, the left’s reflexive willingness to impute racism to ordinary Americans (in this case the Wisconsin jurors) who don’t fall in line with the left’s insistence that, whatever the facts of a particular case (even one in which all relevant parties are White), it’s always about race.

For the left, it’s all about race all the time, and if you don’t see it that way — as the Rittenhouse jury correctly did not — you’re probably a racist.

Why do the Democrats keep fumbling like this? I think it’s because they have so many blind spots.