Somebody said something, Star Tribune style

The Star Tribune covers the latest developments in the matter of hometown Rep. Ilhan Omar and Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert in “Omar ends ‘unproductive call’ with GOP lawmaker who made anti-Muslim remarks.” Subhead: “The Minnesota Democrat said she wanted a direct apology from Rep. Lauren Boebert.” Reporter Hunter Woodall luxuriates in the allegations of Boebert’s bigotry and Republican inadequacy before inserting this apparent concession in the interest of fairness (link in original):

During her tenure in Washington, Omar has faced a consistent barrage of attacks from Republicans. Omar has also found herself facing controversies of her own at times.

Omar’s 2011 marriage to her brother — covered by the Star Tribune in a 3,000-word story by Patrick Coolican and Stephen Montemayor dated June 23, 2019 — doesn’t rate a mention as a controversy created by Omar herself. It’s just one of those things, but it illuminates the victim card Omar now plays: Omar played the same victim card on the Star Tribune when the Star Tribune called on her then.