Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll reloads in RED FLAG LAWS: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON: Because the Seven Deadly Sins Have Not Been Repealed… She writes:

Sometimes I wonder if the Democrats have ever lived in the real world or if they just drop in now and then from Planet Make-Believe. As a “person who used to menstruate,” not to be confused with an adult human female called a “woman,” I have spent decades in the Real World. In the lovely lyrics of Paul McCartney’s “Mull of Kintyre”: “Far have I travelled and much have I seen.” Being blessed with a logical mind, I drew several conclusions.

As a kid I was an enthusiastic student of the Bible. I had read it from cover to cover several times before I finished High School. I’m sure my understanding was imperfect, but one of the things that struck even my young mind was that the sins of our ancestors were still just as relevant in our time! Imagine that! We imperfect specimens have made scant progress in thousands of years to improve our natures as greedy, grasping, prevaricating, faithless, idolatrous creatures. Kind of a giant rebuke to ye ol’ Arc of History, eh?

Sure, we no longer bow down to Golden Calves. Haha. As if. We are sooo much more sophisticated now. We have moved on to worship brain-dead twerking celebrities and hockey stick projections of doom for Poor Gaia if we eat meat and drive cars. For my money, I think the Golden Calves did less harm than Disney has-beens in drag with Snap-On Tools in a “family-friendly” parade. I don’t even know what Deadly Sin category to place that in, Stupidity or Degeneracy not being official Sin Categories, more’s the pity.

The point I am trying to make with this post is that the new crammed-through incursion on our Second Amendment has the potential for tremendous abuse. Scott’s mention last Wednesday pointed out the insane rapidity with which its passage was facilitated. I realize that several states already have Red Flag Laws. I don’t know if any abuse has occurred – how would we know? How many people have never even heard about Hunter’s laptop? But neither have I ever read that such laws have STOPPED a school shooter in his tracks. Do you know of any state in which this has happened? Surely some state would have bragged about it, yes?

Meanwhile, let us look at just a handful of ways that humans can go off the rails and its relevance to the Red Flag Laws. Remember King David lusting after Bathsheba? He had the power to send her husband, Uriah, to the latter-day equivalent of The Russian Front so that he would be killed and The King could have his wife.

After the new Bipartisan, Unconstitutional, Much-Worse-than-Useless Gun Control Act, if somebody wants your wife, he could just anonymously phone a Hot Line to report that you have 3 guns and 500 rounds of ammo, are obviously a psychotic domestic terrorist, and have you hauled away. Do you imagine that you will keep your job? Do you believe you won’t bankrupt yourself trying to clear your name and retrieve your weapons? Have you ever heard the expression, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”? How many people will ever believe you’re not guilty?

Do you think that because you’re a nice, hard-working, taxpaying guy who has never shot up a school even once, that somehow you will escape being raided at 3 a.m. while your neighbors watch you hauled away in leg irons and handcuffs? With CNN standing by breathlessly, having been miraculously alerted in advance.

Let us move on from Lust to Envy. A few decades ago, a mediocre Minnesota comic moved to Los Angeles to become a star. Sadly for him there were many people in his way. He had a talent for impressions and he would call up the Tonight Show people, including Mr. Carson, and leave disparaging messages on their answering machines in the voice of Jay Leno. How do I know this? Because Jay himself told me when we turned out to be sitting next to each other on a flight from Binghamton, NY to Philly. It got Jay in quite a bit of trouble until he was able to prove he hadn’t left those messages. If someone would stoop that low to jockey for position, do you imagine that nobody would ever call the Red Flag Hotline to remove a rival for a job, for a promotion, for a role in a movie?

Then there’s a nice little combo plate of Pride and Wrath. In my life, I have known a former relative who, in the process of leaving a spouse, first maxed out every credit card once he was informed by a lawyer that the debt would be split. Who then, right before the divorce was final and the property was technically still “community,” broke in and stole the stereo and all the favorite CDs of the spouse. Nice.

I have known of a guy who, when his girlfriend left him, put a live squirrel in her car, a squirrel which panicked and tried its hardest to eat its way out, with considerable success. I have also known a woman who, when her boyfriend broke up with her, poured bleach all over his prize rose bushes. Some may soon have a new weapon – Red Flag laws to accuse a person of being a danger to the community. Why would this not be employed by the same kind of vengeful individual who would destroy a car or take their rage out on helpless roses?

What else motivates people? How about just straight-up cash? (Good old trusty Greed.) In 2000 Mules a woman in a trailer admits that she repeatedly stuffed the drop boxes with ballots of unknown provenance because she had fallen on hard times and needed the cash to “make Christmas.” Naturally, she did this wearing rubber gloves at 3 a.m. — you know, the way we all vote. What if a Twitter star with tens of thousands of followers was having influence beyond what the Democrats found seemly? Could he pay a neighbor to call the Red Flag Hotline to report that she had been seen carrying an “Assault Pistol” with a magazine that held MORE THAN 10 ROUNDS into her house? What would it take? $100? $1,000? $10,000? No problemo. Plenty of Zuckerbucks to go around to “make Christmas” for people.

I have known two women in divorce proceedings who accused their husbands of molesting their daughters. Both were lying and knew they were lying, but the men’s lives were forever ruined. In one case, the cherry on top of that Schiff sundae was that, in order to “pay off” the Creepy Divorce Lawyer who suggested this ploy, the wife was sleeping with him. I don’t know if he got to be on CNN as often as Michael Avenatti, or if he will ever be fawned over as Democrat Presidential timber, but now we have a whole new weaponized law in play. Yippee. What we need is a way to make divorce even MORE destructive to all, especially the kids.

Just in the last few years a young scientist was fired for wearing a shirt with cartoon hotties on it – that a woman artist friend had designed for him! A leftie writer at WaPo RETWEETED a joke that the humorless harridans at the paper found “inappropriate,” so he is now on a month-long unpaid vacay. Michelle Malkin cannot rent from any AirBnB anywhere in America. Why? Did she and her family leave their rentals a shambles or fail to pay? Well, no. To the best of my knowledge the Malkins are a fine, upstanding family, just with inappropriately Conservative views.

Doctors who prescribed Ivermectin or HCQ to desperately ill patients before either vaccine or anti-viral pharmaceuticals were available, got their licenses threatened or revoked and their livelihoods placed in jeopardy. A professor who accidentally called a black student by the name of another black student is GONE from his position. (Joe and I are at a “name-forgetting” stage of geezerhood where we are investing in nametags for long-time friends and kin who visit our home.)

Can any sane person possibly doubt that the Stalinoid hacks in charge of new Red Flag Laws will find them yet another powerful weapon in their arsenal of cancel culture misery? Meanwhile, they will not prevent a single school shooting.

The shooters in several of these disasters were ALREADY on the radar of students and staff alike. Several jackasses had made videos or repeatedly announced intentions and were known as bullies, including the monster in Uvalde. As awful and unacceptable a “motive” as bullying is for mass carnage – never mind the popularity of the movie Carrie — not only did fellow students deny that the Uvalde murderer was bullied, they said he WAS the bully.

And the “bullying” excuse only makes limited sense if the students who bullied were the ones targeted. Nobody in a hundred years would predict this Mexican guy would try to murder his Grandma – what in the WORLD does it take to shoot your Grandma in the face??? — and then go to a mostly Hispanic GRADE SCHOOL to wreak horror on 9-year-olds who had never done a thing to him. If you give a psychotic fiend 75 uninterrupted minutes with grade-schoolers, he doesn’t need a gun. A knife or sharpened spoon would be sufficient. To pretend that this was the fault of legal gun-owners or guns is misguided.

H. L. Mencken had it right when he said, “For every problem, there is a solution that is neat, plausible and WRONG.” This law is not meant to stop school shootings and it won’t. Every time there’s a new school shooting, the two freakazoid attention hounds from Parkland get to shake their tiny fists and mouth obscenities. Red flag laws are meant to intimidate and threaten law-abiding gun owners. That’s all. And in that, they may be very effective indeed. A monkeypox on all the worthless Republicans who vote for the bipartisan bill.

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