Hillary Can’t Let Go

Hillary Clinton was at the State Department yesterday for the unveiling of her official portrait as Secretary of State. She was ungracious as usual:

Returning to the State Department for the unveiling of her official portrait, Mrs Clinton also used the occasion to display distaste for the policies of Donald Trump, the Republican former president, who defeated her in the 2016 United States presidential election.

Mrs Clinton, the former US secretary of state, suggested that people might have questioned to US’s ability to muster support for Ukraine because of Trump’s legacy of alienating allies.

“People might have doubted that because we had burned so many bridges with our allies and our friends,” she told current and former officials in the agency’s ornate Benjamin Franklin State Dining Room.

This has been a Democratic Party talking point for years, but there is no substance to it. Trump’s foreign policies were successful. The Abraham Accords were a major accomplishment. His administration cemented our relationship with Israel, one of our most important allies. He smoothed over the gratuitous anti-British bias of the Obama/Clinton administration. He revitalized the NATO alliance by successfully pressing our allies to re-commit to it by increasing their military spending. He stood up to China and focused on improving our relationship with India. Trump’s foreign policy record was, on the whole, very good, and the idea that he “burned so many bridges with our allies” is sheer fantasy.

Contrast that with the Obama/Clinton record: the disgraceful sucking up to Iran’s mullahs; the Libya fiasco; the failure to identify Russia as a significant threat (“The 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back”); the rebuffs of Israel; Obama’s pathetic retreat from his “red line” in Syria.

“Reinstating a foreign policy … that actually brings people to us, not pushes them away, would have been thought to be extremely difficult. And indeed it was, but it was accomplished,” she added, thanking Antony Blinken, the current secretary of state, for “helping to restore America’s standing”.

It would be interesting to hear Hillary explain how America’s standing has been restored under the incompetent Biden/Blinken administration. The catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan was the worst foreign policy disaster in many years. The Biden/Blinken administration just paid billions to Iran’s mullahs, continuing Obama’s bizarre policy of friendship and financial support toward our bitterest enemy. (Neville Chamberlain may have underestimated Hitler and made a foolish deal on Czechoslovakia, but it wouldn’t have occurred to him to fund Germany’s war machine.) Biden has also sold out our allies and given the Russians a reprieve by suppressing oil and gas production at the precise moment when our European allies need our fossil fuels more than ever.

Then there is Russia. Or, more specifically, Vladimir Putin:

“Defending democracy in Ukraine, expanding Nato – just as an aside, too bad Vladimir, you brought it on yourself,” she said, prompting laughter and applause.

Ah yes, “Vladimir.” The same Vladimir whom Hillary courted at the beginning of her tenure as Secretary of State. At least a few of our readers may remember that the incoming Obama/Clinton administration faulted George W. Bush for being unduly hard on the Russians. Tensions between us and them, Hillary thought at the time, were our fault. Hence her presenting the Russians with her famous “reset” button.

Why did US-Russian relations need to be “reset”? Because that meanie George W. Bush had been too tough on the Russians. Obama and Clinton wanted to usher in a new era of accommodation. But that was then, and this is now. The Democrats have always been at war with Putin.

That Hillary Clinton is ungracious is not new information. That she continues to be obsessed with her own political ups and downs has been apparent for quite a while. But she is also not very intelligent. For many years, Democrats have tried to promote Hillary Clinton as a uniquely brilliant person, the flower of Yale-educated womanhood, more than a match for any man. In fact, she was never more than a mediocre and unoriginal intellect, and a not very competent administrator. She has gone downhill steadily from there, as her State Department appearance exemplifies.

We should all be eternally grateful that this utter mediocrity never became president.

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