Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll is not short of ammo in MIT-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! She blasts away:

A few days ago my friend and colleague John Hinderaker covered the disgrace that MIT has become. Let me quote from his first paragraph and allude to several other of his quotes. I just want to add my spin and outrage lest my head explode:

“Some of the worst anti-Semitic campus outbursts of recent weeks have been at MIT. Pro-genocide activists physically prevented Jewish students from attending classes, and refused to disperse when ordered to do so by university officials. Normally you would assume that a student who engaged in such barbaric conduct would be expelled. Yet MIT has treated its anti-Semites with kid gloves. Why?”

Why, indeed? I wonder if female (whatever that is) administrators are tough enough to deal with thugs from a male-dominated Islamic culture. Where is Animal House‘s Dean Wormer when you really need him? Most famous for his comment “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son,” he delivered an even better message: “Put a sock in it, boy, or else you’ll be outta here like [stuff] through a goose!”

Would that the craven President of the University, one Sally Kornbluth, had delivered such a definitive threat. But no. She tells us with evident pride that she and her “team” were “in dialogue” with these pro-genocide thugs “all day.”

And she learned – I hope you are sitting down at the horror of this consequence – that IF these foreign thugs lost their student status, they might then even have to leave the country! Oh, the humanity! Sent packing in disgrace to their palaces and penthouse apartments in the oil-rich nations. That’s IT – that’s the terrible consequence she refuses to unleash in order to protect the American students who also happen to be Jews.

Now, first of all, I doubt that will happen. Because I bet the State Department couldn’t name a single foreign student who overstayed a Student Visa and was expelled from the country. Certainly not the terrorists of 9/11. And secondly, so what? Why do we WANT them in this country, especially in a STEM curriculum learning to become better terrorists?

I suspect that the all-day “dialogue” included some Face Time with the incredibly wealthy fathers of these jackals who not only pay the full exorbitant tuition, but also probably donate buildings and wings of buildings and labs and such. If I were a cynic, instead of the jolly cheerful columnist that I am, I might even suggest that it would be possible that some financial aid for “personal” academic research could have been promised. I’m not saying it DID, just that NOTHING would surprise me.

Gosharoony, let us do a teeny tiny thought experiment Let us suppose that in 2023, a group of Black students had been “physically prevented” from attending class. Let us further suppose that Black students at a different school had been locked in a library while slavering racist thugs in white sheets were shouting slogans in favor of lynching — instead of merely in favor of misdemeanors like rape, kidnap, murder and baby-beheading. What in the world do you think would have been the outcome? Three guesses and the first two don’t count.

SWAT would have been called, heads bashed, arrests made. No student who participated would have been a student any longer at MIT or anywhere else on the planet. No biggie, really, because no matter how much edumacation the moronic “protester” got, he, she, or xe would never have landed a job.

After the arrests, speedy trials and jail terms would have resulted. Lawsuits against MIT for making the students fear for their lives would surely have ensued and large amounts of cash distributed. And you know what? Not a single Jew on this planet would have been opposed to that outcome. No, not one. And damn few other white people either. None I know.

Of the white students who rode the Voter Registration buses in the South during the Civil Rights Era, at a time when Jews were about 3 percent of the population, 75 percent of those students were Jewish. Several gave their lives. Haven’t been a big fan of Van Jones heretofore, but even he mentioned this in his excellent speech at the pro-Israel rally.

The pussy-footed treatment that this useless woman administrator gave the thugs reminds me of a friend many years ago who was putting her five-year-old son to bed. She was an intelligent young woman who had lost her father when she was very young and really had no Dad role model who was the kind of disciplinarian that most of our Dads were. She seemed unaware that young kids actually need and crave limits.

There was a fairly large party going on at her home – she was a terrific hostess! — and it was way past Ben’s bed-time. She bribed, cajoled, and begged this child-tyrant to go to bed. The father of the child made several meaningless threats he had no intention of carrying out. The mother bargained. “Okay, you can stay up 10 more minutes, okay?” After the third of fourth “extension” or Continuing Resolution, as it were, Joe couldn’t stand it any more and started to say something to her (we had known her since she was 16). I had to take off my name tag and put it over his mouth. If there’s one piece of advice parents appreciate more than how to manage their children, I can’t think of what it might be…

Besides, I knew any advice would only have fallen on deaf – and now annoyed – ears. I had been in her kitchen when her three-year-old girl had wakened from her nap and Mommy started giving the child many many many OPTIONS on what was available for lunch, all of which were rejected with extreme prejudice. The child eventually “ordered” Pasta with Pesto, and danged if my friend didn’t get it out of the freezer, thaw it in the microwave, and make it. Oy.

So that is why the MIT situation put me in mind of that evening. Unhinged tantrums by the students, empty threats and spineless tolerance from the administration. Back at MIT, President Sally put out a statement that made me ashamed to be of the same gender, assuming that I am. I am not aware of her pronouns, “coward” and “enabler of thuggery” being descriptive and not pronouns.

First, she actually admitted in her released statement that she had informed the protesters that “they must leave the lobby area within a set time.” Or they would be subject to suspension. Oh no! Not “within a set time”! Embrace the power of “NOW,” Sally. Notice it’s not even expulsion, but suspension – what’s that? Like a “time out”?

She then actually compliments the thugs because “many” chose to leave and she thanks them! “I appreciated their cooperation.” And, eventually, after the “all-day dialogue” – methinks it was more of a monologue by the thugs – she decided that they could still attend MIT classes, just not any extracurricular activities. Well, so much for Intra-Mural Hostage Taking, Paragliding Practice, or Men’s Chorus.

Until Jewish parents pull their students from these schools, until the Jewish alumni raise hell and enlist the support of Christian, conservative, or just liberty-loving alumni, until the Civil Rights Department takes this seriously and stops yapping about non-existent “Islamophobia,” until the cops and National Guard protect the rights of these bullied students, expect some very depressing days ahead.

See, my example of Black students being prevented from going to school was not hypothetical, although in this instance, it was High School. It was 1957 and Eisenhower was President. He didn’t just have an all-day dialogue with racist thugs. He didn’t just call the cops. He didn’t just mobilize the National Guard which, in any event, was under the command of the racist Governor of Arkansas. No.

He sent the 101rst Airborne, about a decade after they had tackled somewhat more formidable opponents at Normandy and Bastogne. And they stayed for two months. It ended. (And, just for the record, lest readers think I am picking on Little Rock, I think from extensive travels throughout America, that race relations are much better in the South than in the North.)

See, Sally? That’s how it’s done. Live like Ike. Oh, and apart from his key role in winning World War II, he also desegregated the American military. Like Jackie Robinson, he was, of course, a Republican. That’s probably not taught in CRT, so I thought I would mention it.

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