Iran Insanity

Two friends of mine comment on the Obama/Biden administration’s bizarre partiality toward Iran. In the New York Post, Glenn Reynolds writes:

Post-[Iran’s] attack [on Israel]— going further yet beyond parody — the Biden administration’s chief effort has been aimed at demanding Israel not retaliate.

That’s right. Israel has had more than a thousand of its citizens raped, tortured, murdered and kidnapped, it’s been subjected to a massive missile attack, and it’s being told to exercise “restraint.”

What other country in the world faces this sort of attack and is then told to exercise restraint?

The Biden administration even organized G7 leaders to demand that Israel not respond.

Is this ineptitude, or is it corruption?

As the girl in the taco commercials says, “Why not both?”

I would like to see Biden endorse massive retaliation by Israel with a view toward trying to bring about regime change in Iran. But, as I wrote here, I will be satisfied if Biden stays out of Israel’s way. And I assume Israel’s leaders will ignore pro forma calls for “restraint.” I hope so, anyway.

Biden doesn’t want to openly side with Iran, which most Americans — correctly — regard as an enemy of the United States and civilization in general.

On the other hand, Minnesota and swing state Michigan have large numbers of immigrants who chant “Death to Israel” — and sometimes “Death to America” — and Biden needs their votes to win in November. (And they know it.)

What’s more, an Israeli retaliatory strike might well hit Iranian oil-export facilities, which would drive up oil prices, and thus gasoline prices, this summer and hurt Biden’s re-election chances.

So Biden is trying to have it both ways.

I think that is correct. And, as Glenn goes on to say, it doesn’t seem to be working, as Biden isn’t satisfying anyone.

At the Epoch Times, Roger Simon points out that the “US Government Paid for Iran’s Attack on Israel.”

A good argument can be made that President Barack Obama’s and then President Joe Biden’s relaxation of or disregard for sanctions against Iran that netted the Islamic Republic billions in oil revenue and outright gifts created all the recent mayhem in the Middle East from Hezbollah to Hamas to the Houthis to, now, Iran’s attack on Israel.

Biden would say, “We didn’t give them those dollars. We gave them different dollars.” And who knows? Democratic Party voters might be dumb enough to buy it.

Roger accurately describes the mullahs:

[T]he mullahs are dictators of the most extreme sort, rivaling Mao and Stalin in their methods if not in their overall success. Evin Prison is their Gulag and arguably worse than the Chinese and Soviet versions. While researching a screenplay, I met personally with people who were incarcerated and tortured there. Their beaten and distorted faces looked like Picassos from his cubist period. Prison guards reportedly rape women, particularly dissidents, the night before their trial to make sure they never go to heaven, according to their religion.

The regime’s fanaticism is well known, extending to reports from Amnesty International and others of mass child murder. They have also been known to hang homosexuals.

None of this seems to have been of much concern to either Presidents Obama or Biden.

It was of no concern at all. Obama and Biden were obsessed with sucking up to Iran.

What is of concern to President Biden we can be sure are votes in Michigan where the Muslim population could be deserting him. Why else would he have been so loose-lipped as to have reportedly called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a seven-letter expletive beginning with “a” in earshot of witnesses?

Remember when Democrats said Donald Trump was too uncouth to carry out diplomacy? Right.

Two Democratic presidents have been restraining Israel from responding for decades, not just to Iran, but to its increasingly lethal proxies. (Hezbollah now has one of the most heavily armed militaries in the world.) When Israel is permitted and takes it upon itself to go after the proxies, it is inevitably pulled back before it has an opportunity to achieve total victory, the victories America and its allies felt necessary at the end of World War II and that ended up with Japan and Germany becoming peaceful, democratic nations.

That is what is going on now in what appears to be, or ends up being, a de facto combined administration and mainstream media effort to prevent Israel from finishing the destruction of Hamas in Gaza.

True. But the decision on how to proceed is Israel’s.

So now we wait to see how Israel responds to Iran’s direct attack on its territory with a combination of some 300 drones, missiles, and cruise missiles.

Because they were unable to get through in any substantial manner, President Biden has declared it a victory for Israel, but hastened to make clear the United States will not help in any Israeli reprisal, urging them not to do so. He then convened the G-7 to echo that request.

I agree with all that Glenn and Roger say, but would add this: Israel is in an existential fight for its survival. It cannot go on, year after year, subject to terrorist attacks by Hezbollah and Hamas, financed and supported by Iran. Its position will, I assume, be even more untenable once Iran obtains nuclear weapons, which will be soon.

So: in my opinion, Israel needs to finish the job by exterminating Hamas, whatever that may require. And it should retaliate against Iran in such a way, if at all possible, as to destabilize the regime, resulting in its overthrow. Other countries will not help Israel in these efforts, although I certainly hope arms sales will continue, to whatever extent is necessary. But Israel doesn’t need outside help.

I also think that Israel should stop worrying about world opinion. How much good has world opinion ever done the Jewish state? If Israel faces bleating about world peace, the need to avoid regional war, civilian casualties, and so on, from the likes of Joe Biden and the Pope, so be it. Survival is at stake, and Israel should get on with what it needs to do, vis-a-vis Hamas and also Iran.

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