Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll is not among those CHOOSING “VICTIMHOOD” FOR FUN AND PROFIT. She writes:

Let us assume for the moment that a woman who has 20 years of experience as an executive secretary, types 100 wpm, can take shorthand like a tape recorder, and is smart as a whip, discreet, well-groomed, and pleasant to all is also a few pounds north of what is an acceptable weight for a woman according to Hollywood — 90 lbs. with impossibly large breasts. She gets raises every year and is considered indispensable by her executive boss.

Let us say further, sadly, that boss has a heart attack one day and dies. A new executive is chosen who has his own ideas about what the “face” of the corporation should be. He wants a sleek, young secretary who is a Size 2. The old secretary is let go and she files a suit for size discrimination, since it was unfortunately mentioned in an ill-advised email that that was the real reason. Uh oh. You can fire someone for NO reason, but not for a WRONG reason!

Now I am no attorney and don’t even play one on TV. However, I would be inclined to side with the excellent but slightly zaftig secretary. Wouldn’t you? She is doing a great job but has been thrown out in the street simply for being too large. Let us pretend that she wins her lawsuit and retires to Samoa where her nickname from now on will be “Slim.”

But…follow me around one more bend. Another secretary in the firm, not nearly as skilled, not nearly as efficient or even pleasant, is of “normal” weight as determined by the thoroughly discredited “BMI” calculations. She has had a couple of warnings about tardiness and ineptitude and sees the handwriting on the wall. So, she deliberately GAINS 70 lbs. in order to have a literal and figurative cushion of immunity against losing her job. “You can’t fire me,” she gloats, “I’m FAT!” Adding, “But you better not use that word, because that is fat-shaming and that is actionable. Neener, neener.”

She has VOLUNTEERED to be part of an allegedly discriminated against minority. She has assumed the mantle and privileges of an Entitled Victim. Never mind that a brief stroll through any mall will convince you that larger people are now the majority. I have read that the average woman now weighs what the average man did in 1950.

In the Bad Old Days of racial bigotry and discrimination against African-Americans — which was evil and real and we do ourselves no favors to minimize it — some lighter-skinned people of African descent would endeavor to “pass.” Probably thousands succeeded. Why did they do it? Well, because it was considerably less onerous to be white. Those days are long gone, no matter how many “microaggressions” people make up to cling to their victim status. How do we know this?

Well, look who’s trying to “pass” NOW! We have a white professor with high cheekbones who is pretending to be an Indian. She is also a leftist Senator pretending not to be a (very very wealthy) communist. To the best of my knowledge, she has never apologized for the stolen valor involved in claiming to be a member of the heretofore unknown High-Cheekbone Tribe. And the good people of Massachusetts keep electing her, so it must be working. Before her, there was a male academic who wore his hair in Willie Nelson braids and also claimed some Indian heritage. He also was lying.

In another part of the forest, a white woman “passed” as African-American and even headed up a local Civil Rights agency until she got “outed” – if memory serves, by her own parents! For a very long time now, first with Affirmative Action and of late with the Diversity god, it has behooved a person to be almost anything but a person of pallor. Particularly a male, though the anti-white bigotry extends to all white people, including Asians. You can be saved to a very limited extent by being gay, but only if you are not also a conservative, a Christian or (most recently) a Jew.

We knew a guy in California – let’s call him Roy Johnson – whose maternal great-grandmother was Mexican. His great-grandfather, grandparents on both sides, his own father and mother were all white. He did not speak a word of Spanish and had never once been “oppressed” for being Mexican. But the next time I saw him, he was speaking with a hilariously bad Spanish accent and going by “Raoul” and his great-grandma’s maiden name. Why? Because now, rather than being a potential liability, it was a favored Victim Class. Also, he was a communist and was hoping to be an activist in the La Raza cause. “La Raza,” by the way, means “The Race” and is used just as insidiously as “The Aryan Race” was.

It is heartbreaking to think how close we came in America to wiping out the obsession with race, color, and ever smaller “identity” groups before Obama and the Democrats figured out they could wield power forever by emphasizing our meaningless differences rather than our common humanity. My Black/Hispanic foster son favored a very expensive brand of jeans with the slogan “Love Sees No Color.” Based on how he was treated by my entire family and friends, he believed that slogan. If he wore those pants today, he would be assaulted.

Which brings us to the pinnacle of the current Totem Pole of Deliberately Chosen yet Entitled Victimhood: a person attempting to transition from one sex to the other.

Let me state for the record that in my entire life I have never once been mean to or discriminated against ANY person on the basis of race, sex, sexual preference, size or even obvious insanity. My Mama taught me to treat others as I would wish to be treated myself and – although I could, but will not, list many other character defects – being a Mean Girl is not one of them.

But I do not believe that calling a violent 6-foot plus male person wearing eye shadow “Sir” instead of “Ma’am” should be an actionable offense. Especially while he is kicking over cans in a hardware store. Nor should he get any kind of preference – in hiring, housing or anything else — just BECAUSE he is a man who chooses to wear eye shadow and pretends to be a woman.

In fact, I could not be more sick of ALL preferential hiring from Entitled Categories. It has ruined almost everything, including comedy, television, art, movies, and theater.

The very first time we saw the awesome comic Nate Bargatze, he was on a bill that was nothing BUT “categories not comics.” It had to be close to 15 years ago now. There was a large, and reasonably funny lesbian. But she was the most funny when she used her Southern heritage and size as comic fodder, not her alleged sexual preference. There was a Black guy who also was pretty funny although almost everything he had to say was not universal but just “hey, I’m Black” material which gets tedious quickly.

A little white girl almost made us turn off the television with a cringingly obscene bit about extremely unappealing sexual practices. I was embarrassed just sitting in my living room. But I thank God that we did not turn off the TV because then came Nate…here was a young kid from Tennessee with refreshing, clean, ORIGINAL, hilarious material, professionally performed. I wanted to go through the television screen and hug him. A skinny gay guy was up next on the bill but we did shut him off a couple of minutes into his routine as – once again – all he wanted to talk about was his gayness, which we already knew from the jump. Not funny, not interesting, not clever. A category, not a comic.

IF there is a job opening for an electrical engineer or a medical Residency, a Union typesetter or carpenter, or even a standup comic, the BEST, most QUALIFIED person for that job should get it. Even if all the best people for each opening are all white men, all Black women, or all gay Mexicans. Period!

Relevant test scores, pertinent educational credentials, interview skills, pleasant personality, proven work ethic – these are the things that should determine whether or not a person gets the job. No more “seats at the table” on the basis of your sex, orientation, or color, which are all accidents of birth, or the decision to permanently mutilate and sterilize yourself, which is 100 percent voluntary.

The proof is in the pudding-headed Biden Administration and it’s a disaster. Every single category-filler has been an unmitigated failure. It’s been three generations since the Bakke decision. The guy who took Bakke’s slot did not succeed as a doctor. Did you know that? Quotas instead of merit are not working out. Enough, already.

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