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BRIDESMAIDS OF HAMAS — not better than brides. Ammo Grrrll writes:

Some years ago in the U.K. a 15-year-old ninny decided to run to Syria to become a “Bride of ISIS.” When the reality of that life sank in, of course she demanded to be let BACK IN to the U.K. She even claimed she would be a force to fight terrorism if allowed to come home. By some miracle, her appeal was denied.

Looking at the Campus Islamofascists shrieking and threatening Jewish students, one is struck dumb that even after the savagery of 10/7, a large majority are women. At least the ones the brave jihadist creeps put out front as a barrier between themselves and possible trouble. They are used to that because, back in Gaza, they put weapons of war and Hamas soldiers under mosques, schools, and hospitals, the better to use women and children as human shields.

But why would American women fall for their propaganda and sign up to be a Hamas Handmaiden?

I have some ideas. The ugly women forming the avant garde of the paid professional Jew-haters and rape-supporters could not even hope to become a BRIDE of Hamas. Bridesmaid is about the highest they could aim for. (Possibly an Usher of Hamas: “Sunni or Shiite?” “Friends of the useful idiot or the groom?” “Tunnel or above ground?”)

Many of these misfits are extremely unattractive, but not just in their person. Plenty of women who are not “Hollywood beautiful” are kind, nurturing, smart, good cooks, selfless mothers, and fine partners. Of course, everybody likes pretty people, but there is a wide range of what different people find pretty. So although it would seem that a significant percentage of these women are also physically unappealing, it’s their personalities and character that leap out at you.

First of all, they are cowards. They wrap themselves in their ugly keffiyahs – which always make me think, “Gentlemen, start your engines” for some reason – often with a COVID mask to boot. They shout their ugly racist, genocidal Jew-hating slogans from behind barriers, often even protected by the cops they want to ban. Who wants a coward for a life partner? When times get tough – and they always WILL, some sooner, some later – you need someone with inner strength and courage.

Most readers are aware of my early life as an “activist”. I regret quite a few things about that period, but I’m also proud of a few other things: Hey, for one thing, guys, they taught me how to organize a conference! Also, I never once disguised my identity; I was known publicly as the face of the Student Mobilization Committee in the Twin Cities.

One time, the police said we could not march because a threat had allegedly been called in that “some sniper” was going to “shoot the first person to step off the curb of the rally site.” Even at 23, I knew that if we gave in to that threat we would never have another march where a threat would not be grounds for cancellation. But, as the organizer, I was responsible for my troops’ safety, so the first person to step off the curb was me.

It should go without saying that that does not compare to being the first into a burning building; the first on an active shooter scene, or the first in an assault on a machine gun nest in a war. But it has to say SOMETHING about my character, I hope.

Then these weak, spoiled, easily led little girls also believe that their actions should be consequence-free. If their checkered Hate Rags somehow slip and they are “outed,” they cry for Mommy and Daddy to make sure that they suffer no loss of future job opportunities.

Joe and I both lost several jobs for our views when we were in Minneapolis in the ’60s and ’70s. When we moved to San Francisco, we lived in a two-room hovel right on Market Street. As it happened, our super was an ex-con who had no love at all for the Feds. As it also happened, he had been taught barbering in prison and. whereas most of the freaks in San Francisco in the ’70s had long hair, Joe had nicely groomed short, curly hair, so our super liked him! And I would give the super freshly baked muffins, cookies, and such when we paid our $125 monthly rent on time – and in cash! (We have landlords among the commentariat who would surely understand how appreciated that was!)

One day he came to us and said he had been visited by the FBI asking about us. He said that he told THEM to flake off – or words to that effect. We showed him some photos we had that a guy we suspected of being an agent had taken. He confirmed that those were the ones the Feebs showed him. I have those photos to this day. We never saw the photographer again.

Much later, back in Minnesota again, we also lost comedy and music jobs when we decided not to be Democrats anymore. I can’t win!! We were all told to hate Bushitler – and we didn’t. Boy, no wonder one of my favorite songs is Bob Seger’s “Running Against the Wind.” Why does it aways seem to be blowing TOWARDS me?

The generation that spawned the women Hamasniks has been schooled by feminist mothers and perhaps even their grandmothers to believe that men are toxic, that asking for a date is “harassment,” and that consensual sex when engaged in while drunk or stoned is “rape.” Sometimes to the point that young men around them are terrified to be male. Perhaps the swaggering machismo of the rich boys from Qatar or Saudi Arabia is attractive to them?

A sane person would like to think that October 7 would be repugnant even to these awful women. But it’s not.

Is it surprising that, when an overwhelming number of young women believe it’s perfectly okay to kill your own baby three days before delivery, they are also fine with killing kibbutzniks’ babies? The prevailing talking points on the October 7 atrocities are: 1) It didn’t happen; but 2) if it DID happen, they had it coming. And 3) the Israelis probably did it themselves. Never mind that the 7th Century savages who did it FILMED their monstrous acts with pride.

Of course, it’s not the first time that we’ve seen Pro-Rape Feminists. Even after many of Bill Clinton’s accusers came to light, those Feminist Leaders advertised their willingness to don their kneepads to reward Wee Willie for saving their right to kill babies. Nice. Sisterhood is powerful as long as you’re one of the favored sisters and not some “trailer trash” victim.

These young pro-Hamas women are, sadly, very easily led. And after 20 some years of brainwashing in schools and at home, pretty much irretrievably stupid. When anorexia was a thing, thousands of girls developed eating disorders. Then that just disappeared, as it is crystal clear that America has solved its anorexia problem and then some. Then even before the trans nonsense, it was cool to be a lesbian in college. They even had a name for it – LUGS – Lesbians Until Graduation.

And now, the cause du jour when they aren’t clamoring to be males is not even genuine anti-war activism. They don’t hate war – they have a SIDE in the war – it’s “from the river to the sea,” though not one in 10 can name ANY river or sea, let alone one in Israel – but they know that Israelis – all Jews, really — must be eliminated. Because racism, oppression, whiteness. Or something.

Terrorism is illegal in this country or was until Joe Biden and his minions got in power. These campus terrorists are not peaceful protesters. Arrest all the miscreants and sort them out later: Deport all the foreigners; expel all the legitimate campus residents – I can’t bring myself to call them “students” because they truly know nothing – and arrest the professional hired disrupters along with Soros and a myriad of other Biden donors on a RICO charge for funding terrorism.

Good Lord, is it NOVEMBER yet? Trump cannot win soon enough. And win he will. Even cretins like Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders know it and are panicking. Am Yisrael Chai! And thank God for fraternity boys. And the South. Live long and prosper, all y’all.

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