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Guest Film Review: “2023: A Barbie Odyssey”

Featured image Steve writes: I noted this morning that “Barbie” seems to be dividing everyone, and not all readers agreed with my suggestion that some conservative critics are overdoing it in the same way the left would never tolerate “Blazing Saddles” today. (Of course, I’m the guy who thinks “Cloud Atlas” is a *conservative* work of great genius—both the novel and the film, so as I say, your mileage may vary.) Emina »

How to read Power Line with RSS

Featured image Google has slowly been deprecating (shutting down) the RSS feed features associated with the Feedburner service. Consequently, Power Line has had to adapt to a local RSS feed. So if you have been looking for the right way to read Power Line through RSS feeds, this post is for you. The correct URL to use to read Power Line’s RSS feed is: This feed is also accessible by clicking »

Upgrades coming to Power Line VIP

Featured image For the last several years, we’ve been operating the Power Line VIP program in order to provide readers with a way to support our work on the site while enjoying some special benefits, like reduced ad load on the site and special live broadcasts and Q&A sessions with us. This has been a lot of fun, and we are honored that thousands of Power Line readers have become VIP since »

Power Line VIP – We are doing a live video broadcast now

If you’re a Power Line VIP, please check your email for the secret link. We’re going live at 5:00PM PT / 7:00PM CT / 8:00PM ET. Not a VIP? Click here to become one. »

Jay Comeau, RIP [Updated]

Featured image It is with sadness that we pass along the news of the passing of Jay Comeau, one of Power Line’s most faithful and enthusiastic readers and commenters. If you want to know just how big a Power Line fan Jay was, just check out his Facebook banner: None of us ever met Jay in person (he lived in southwest Florida), and in fact we don’t even know what he looks »

Power Line Goes Live on YouTube – Right now!

Featured image If you are a VIP member, check your email. You have a private link to our live YouTube discussion right now. Come on in, and ask us some questions in the comments. »

As New Hampshire breaks for Trump, Join us live now at Power Line Live to discuss

Featured image Power Line Live will be open for business tonight, and some of us will be in and out. For those curious, here are the early exit polls. Meanwhile, this is what’s on Fox News right now: Remember, no Republican has ever lost both of Iowa and New Hampshire and gone on to become president. And no historical fact has ever changed in light of future circumstances. »

A note about Power Line’s iPhone app

Featured image Our iPhone app users have been writing in to us today with reports that the Power Line iPhone app isn’t updating properly. Since the Power Line iPhone app is in the hands of a third-party developer, we’re working with them to get the app working normally just as soon as possible. In the meantime, though, the solution is simple — and, in many ways, better than the app. Simply point »