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Who’s Banning Books

Featured image Liberals love to talk about books being “banned,” when what they really mean is that someone decided the book–gay porn, for example–shouldn’t be one of the few selected, out of the vast number of books available, for a junior high school or high school library. Those “banned” books are freely available via Amazon, book stores and so on. But it turns out that some books have actually been banned, or »

Free Speech and Arson

Featured image Mark Steyn has been trying the defamation case that Michael Mann brought against him in the D.C. Superior Court for the last three weeks–literally trying it, since Mark is pro se. Yet somehow he found time not only for an update on the trial proceedings, but for commentary on my visit to Washington last week and the firebombing of my organization’s offices a few days earlier. He included in his »

Great Time To Be a Sanctuary State

Featured image The disaster that is New York City under Mayor Eric Adams and District Attorney Alvin Bragg continues to unfold. One current scourge is a scooter gang that, among other things, dragged a 62-year-old woman down the street: The two suspects — Cleyber Andrade, 19, and Juan Uzcatgui, 23 — are allegedly part of a wider ring whose members are connected to 62 different instances of grand larceny throughout the Big »

Steal From the Poor, Give to the Rich

Featured image That’s what solar power does. American Experiment’s Isaac Orr and Mitch Rolling have an excellent expose of California’s solar power scam: Stealing with solar: How wealthy Californians used solar panels to pick the pockets of low-income families. See original for links: Affluent households in California siphoned nearly $3.4 billion in 2021 from the pockets of low-income families through a government program called net metering. This program allows people with solar »

Fires, Airstrikes, Illegals and a New Use For DEI

Featured image I was on the Outsiders on Sky News Australia last night. We talked about the arson attack on my organization’s offices, the Biden administration’s airstrikes in the Middle East, and the Democrats’ effort to drag Republicans into their border fiasco. It is a good segment: While I was waiting to go on, I heard this riff on illegal immigration by host James Morrow. James concludes with an excellent idea for »

A Corrupt Legislative Process

Featured image People often talk about one thing or another as being “broken.” But what is really broken is the legislative process in Congress. The manner in which vitally important bills are enacted today is light years away from what the Founders intended and the Constitution contemplates. When Congressmen are voting for bills sight unseen–bills that have been crafted and negotiated in darkness–we have at best a semi-democracy. This tweet by Senator »

Clarity on the Border

Featured image Realizing that Joe Biden’s open southern border will be a devastating issue in November, Democrats are desperately seeking cover. Their plan is to trick Congressional Republicans into another immigration “compromise” that will legalize much illegal immigration, in exchange for which Biden will belatedly take a few inadequate steps to rein in the invasion. Thus making the border a bipartisan fiasco. How many times have the Democrats used this ploy? Some »

Incentives Matter

Featured image My friend the economist John Phelan says that the entire field of economics can be summed up in the statement that incentives matter. This is a good example. Why do illegal immigrant theft rings steal in New York, go to Florida to spend their loot, and then return to New York to steal some more? »

After the Fire

Featured image I would rather be writing about something else, but I spent the entire day today giving interviews and responding to well-wishers with regard to the arson attack on Center of the American Experiment and two allied conservative organizations last Saturday night. A few observations: * The national interest in this story is high. Today I was interviewed by two radio shows in Boston, one in Chicago, one in Phoenix and »

They Firebombed My Office

Featured image I wasn’t entirely forthcoming in this post about why I haven’t written much the last few days. It is true that I have been in Washington, mostly to attend the Michael Mann v. Mark Steyn trial. I will write up my thoughts on the trial (or at least, those portions I have seen) when I have time. But something else has been distracting me: leftists firebombed my office last Saturday »


Featured image I have been mostly AWOL the last few days, so I thought that I owe our readers an explanation. My wife and I have been in Washington, D.C. I have had a few meetings of various kinds, but mostly we are here to spend some time in the D.C. Superior Court, observing the trial of Michael Mann v. Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg, finally before a jury after 12 years »

A New Day In Support For Law Enforcement?

Featured image Minnesota was famously the scene of George Floyd’s death and the subsequent criminal prosecution of four police officers, most notably Derek Chauvin. Chauvin was convicted of second degree murder and is currently in prison, having survived an attack on his life. In my opinion, Chauvin’s conviction was wrong on both legal and factual grounds. His case was tried in an atmosphere of anti-police hysteria and threats of violence, so that »

U.S. Out of U.N.

Featured image Those who pay attention have known for years that UNRWA–the United Nations’ Relief and Works Agency–is nothing but an arm of Hamas. UNRWA has, in large part, run the schools where Gazan children are taught to hate Jews. UNRWA, like the Palestinian “stringers” used by the major wire services, has long run interference for Hamas and other terrorists. See current “Picks” by Brendan O’Neill and the Times of Israel for »

The French Revolution

Featured image Farmers across much of Europe are protesting against their governments’ anti-agriculture policies. In France, farmers are shutting down access to Paris: Farmers set up roadblocks on eight motorways around Paris today as they made good their threat to place a stranglehold on the capital. “The siege of Paris is under way,” said Damien Greffin, vice-chairman of the country’s biggest farming union, the FNSEA. He said the plan was to “encircle” »

Mona Lisa? Please

Featured image Left-wing activists have taken to throwing food at paintings in order to make some kind of point. The latest victim is the Mona Lisa, in Paris’s Louvre Museum: In a video posted on social media, two women with the words “FOOD RIPOSTE” written on their T-shirts can be seen throwing soup at the glass protecting Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece and passing under a security barrier to get closer to the »

Decline and Fall

Featured image The low point of the George Floyd riots in Minneapolis was the takeover and destruction of the MPD’s 3rd precinct station. It has never been rebuilt. Libs of TikTok reports: Producing more news than can be consumed locally. — Bill Glahn (@billglahn) January 28, 2024 These are truly awful people, but in the City of Minneapolis they may well be a majority. »

The Climate Models Are Wrong

Featured image Dr. Roy Spencer, a top scientist specializing in climate, wrote a report for Heritage which he summarized on his own web site. Spencer compared observed warming in the U.S. corn belt during the summer, between 1973 and 2022–a 50-year period–with the warming that was predicted by the major climate models. He found that all of the models yielded more warming than actually occurred, most to an absurd degree. This chart »