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One year of relative solitude

Featured image I will always remember the week of March 1, 2020. It was the week when I began to behave slightly differently because of the Wuhan coronavirus, and the last week before my behavior changed radically. On Sunday, March 1, I attended a book party for Tevi Troy honoring the publication of Fight House. The party was held in two crowded rooms of a house. I decided not to shake hands »

Threat to Capitol was a “mirage”

Featured image Yesterday was the day when some seem to have feared that supporters of Donald Trump would attack the Capitol. To meet this supposed threat, National Guard members armed with M4 rifles were out in force. But the assault on the Capitol did not occur. According to the Washington Post, the threat “proved to be a mirage.” Was there a reasonable basis to fear an attack? The Post says that the »

Cuomo worship explained, but not explained away

Featured image James Hohmann, a member of the Washington Post’s brigade of anti-Trump reporters but far from the most unbalanced one, takes up the question of how liberals could have been so blind about Andrew Cuomo. Why, for example, did Ellen DeGeneres call herself a “Cuomosexual” and why did Chelsea Handler write a “love letter” to Cuomo for Vogue? Hohmann’s answer is basically this: Liberals hate Donald Trump and were desperate to »

The County Executive’s response to our local crime wave

Featured image Yesterday, I discussed the crime wave in Montgomery County, Maryland. Homicides, carjackings, and armed robberies are all up this year. In January, there were seven homicides. According to the chief of police, that’s an all-time record for a single month. As for armed robberies, they have increased by 40 percent. How will the County respond? Its task force on “Reimagining Public Safety” is recommending fewer police on streets and the »

The lesson from the rejection of Neera Tanden

Featured image The failure of Neera Tanden’s nomination has led to charges that she is a victim of the cancel culture conservatives deplore. Nonsense. Tanden hasn’t been de-platformed. She’s free to go Twitter and indulge in all the name-calling she wants. No one is trying to injure Tanden’s ability to make a living. She’s free to take a high-paying job at some woke corporation or well-endowed think tank. Rejection for a top »

Our local crime wave

Featured image The relatively affluent neighborhood in Montgomery County, Maryland where I live is experiencing something of a crime wave. Reports of crimes like carjacking and break-ins appear regularly on the neighborhood listserves my wife is on. And each week, it seems like the location of the crimes gets closer to our house. Sometimes the reports complain about the police. The complaint isn’t that the cops are racist or too aggressive. It’s »

Where is the best high school basketball played?

Featured image Ask any basketball fanatic in the Washington, D.C. area, and he will say the best basketball is played in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC). Of course, if you ask the same question of fans in a dozen or so other cities, they will identify their top league as the nation’s best. Last season (2019-2020), though, the WCAC’s claim had more behind it than just local chauvinism. Consider the way »

Remembering Vernon Jordan

Featured image Vernon Jordan has died. He was 85. Jordan lived a remarkable life — from young waiter and chauffeur in the segregated south, to civil rights leader, to towering D.C. power broker and trusted adviser of presidents. You can get a flavor of it in this New York Times obituary. Jordan was a partner and an institution at the law firm where I worked. He had an office on the same »

Assessing Andrew Cuomo

Featured image It says a lot that Andrew Cuomo became a media darling even as his policies caused thousands of deaths in New York nursing homes, but now, suddenly, is the subject of impeachment talk because three women have accused him of mild or borderline sexual harassment. What it suggests to me is that our priorities are skewed and that our culture is becoming frivolous. The allegations of sexual harassment show Cuomo »

Three blind mice

Featured image Suppose six former Secretaries of State wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed discussing the urgent need to recognize and establish diplomatic relations with Communist China. Their op-ed might make you think the former secretaries were asleep at the switch during their time at Foggy Bottom. Unfortunately, six former Secretaries of Education have signed the rough equivalent of such an op-ed for the Journal. The six are: Lamar Alexander, Arne Duncan, »

Short takes

Featured image *Former CIA Director John Brennan (how the hell did this hack get that job?) says “I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days.” That makes two of us. I’m embarrassed that John Brennan is a white male. Also that he’s an American. *Speaking of embarrassing, the petition for certiorari (i.e., for Supreme Court review) filed by the Asian-American plaintiffs in their case against Harvard provides a breakdown of »

Trump’s coronavirus response

Featured image Byron York reassesses Donald Trump’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus. His points will be familiar to faithful readers of Power Line. Indeed, his reassessment is essentially the same as our initial assessment. There are two aspects to Trump’s response. They are: (1) attempts to limit the virus’ spread, pre-vaccine and (2) attempts to develop and deploy vaccines. Clearly, Trump deserves very high marks on the latter aspect. As Byron writes: »

Trump’s speech

Featured image In his speech at CPAC yesterday, Donald Trump said that he is not starting a third party. He stated: You know they kept saying, ‘he’s going to start a brand new party.’ We have the Republican Party: it’s going to unite and be stronger than ever before. I am not starting a new party. That was fake news. Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Let’s divide our vote so that we can »

The knives are out at the White House, and it didn’t take long

Featured image With Neera Tanden’s nomination in serious trouble, the knives are out for Ron Klain, Joe Biden’s chief of staff. How do we know? Because of the leaking that drives this Washington Post article called “Biden’s chief of staff at center of controversy over White House budget pick.” Leaking can be a subtle art, but not in this case. One of the leakers told the Post that the Tanden play “was »

Students for Fair Admissions files cert petition in Harvard case

Featured image Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA), the plaintiff in a lawsuit alleging that Harvard discriminates against Asian-American applicants, has filed a petition for certiorari to U.S. Supreme Court in its case against the school. A liberal district court judge ruled in favor of Harvard and a liberal court of appeals panel affirmed that ruling. Perhaps the non-liberal Supreme Court will take the case and rule against Harvard, whose discrimination against Asian-Americans »

Democrats play the race card on behalf of Tanden and Becerra, Part Two

Featured image The mainstream media continues to peddle the obvious falsehood that certain of President Biden’s nominees are being opposed and stalled in the Senate because they are “of color.” I discussed Politico’s lame effort in this regard on the Democrats’ behalf last night. Not to be outdone, the Washington Post weighs in with this piece by Annie Linskey here. If you read far enough into Linskey’s report, you will learn that »

Judge Sullivan strikes again

Featured image During the 1980s, Rayful Edmond III was the narcotics kingpin of Washington D.C. He probably did more harm to residents of the city than anyone else in history. According to this report in the Washington Post, Edmond oversaw an operation that brought around 1,700 pounds of cocaine into Washington every month. Law enforcement officials estimate that he was making around $2 million a week from drug dealing between 1985 and »